Jurisdiction Terminated by Jack Gold & Marc Debbaudt

Jurisdiction Terminated by Jack GoldJurisdiction Terminated by Jack Gold & Marc Debbaudtis a legal thriller front the point of view of a foul-mouthed judge in the juvenile court system. When the judge investigates the death of a Los Angeles County official, it brings him face to face with a North Korean drug cartel who are plotting to bring drugs into the juvenile detention system, which uncovers corruption high up in the justice system. A thought-provoking read that provides a glimpse into two arenas not often portrayed in fiction: the inner mind of a judge and the juvenile court system.

The most interesting facet of the novel is the judge’s voice, who comes off as a hard-boiled narrator like a private eye in Noir fiction, but he’s on a different side of the law. Given that the book is written by a retired judge and Deputy District Attorney, you’re getting a real look into how judge’s think, and how criminal courts work. Some may actually find it disconcerting that judges can be this hard edged, and there is some suspension of disbelief for just how embroiled the judge becomes in investigating a crime. But the novel always remains entertaining because of the strength of the narrator’s voice, and the quick pulse of the plot. A fresh take on the legal thriller that will please readers of hard-edged crime fiction.