Review: Forbidden Heat (Firework Girls Book 1) by J.L. White

★★★★½ Forbidden Heat by J. L. White

Forbidden Heat by J.L. White is a steamy romance that’s hard to put down.

Isabella wants to be a scientist. During her last year of college, Isabella learns she needs to take a philosophy class to fulfill all her requirements. Isabella already has a full class schedule, but she talks the Dean into allowing her to take an extra class instead of dropping a science course she needs for graduate school. However, Isabella gets more than she bargained for when she discovers that the professor is only a few years older than her and he’s the hottest professor at the university.

There’s a note from the author that Forbidden Heat is intended for readers eighteen and above. White isn’t kidding. The sex scenes, which are plentiful, are smoking hot and leave very little to the imagination. That’s a good thing, especially for readers who like their romance novels to have a heat factor that nearly scorches their hands while frantically turning the pages to uncover what happens next.

While it’s imperative for a steamy romance to have well-crafted sex scenes, for most readers they need more than one sex scene after another to keep the reader engaged. Again the author delivers. Yes, there are many scenes that will turn you on, but there’s more to the story than sex. At times, the author focuses solely on the relationship between Isabella and Shane. It’s a new relationship and more often than not, young lovers tend to shut themselves off from the world to enjoy the newness of the relationship and intimacy.

Isabella isn’t your typical bombshell character found in the romance section. She’s intelligent, driven, and wants to be a scientist. Shane is described as the hottest professor at the university, which may be true, yet he’s more than eye candy. He’s also a gentleman, brainy, and caring. It’s refreshing to come across a romance that doesn’t present the male lead as a jerk who ultimately learns the errors of his gruff ways. Both Isabella and Shane are easy to cheer for right out of the gate.

Of course, cheering for them presents a small problem for the reader and a much bigger problem for the two leads in the story. Isabella is a student and Shane is a professor. This means that they shouldn’t be friends outside of the classroom, let alone take their relationship to the intimate level. This complication ups the ante on the drama. Can they keep their relationship a secret from their family, friends, colleagues, and rivals?

The twists and turns in their love story aren’t so far-fetched, giving the book a realism that elevates it above romantic fantasy. Readers who are looking for a super sexy and sweet love story will enjoy Forbidden Heat. This is the first book in the Firework Girls series and the remaining books will revolve around characters the author introduced in book one. White has done an excellent job of introducing all the Firework Girls, providing just enough details to whet the reader’s appetite for more.

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