Art and Faith by Cherie Burbach

Art and Faith by Cherie BurbachAt its most basic, Art and Faith: Mixed Media Art with a Faith-Filled Message is a portfolio for Cherie Burbach’s mixed media art, but this is no simple collection of images.  It’s art with a message.  Burbach first uses her testimony as an introduction, giving both new readers and longtime followers a glimpse at the Christian faith that acts as an inspiration for her creative gifts.

The expository passages in the book are brief and to the point, but they provide personal insight into Burbach’s background and the reasons she strives to bring hope to others through her creative skills.  The words are sparse, but efficient, and they function as summaries of her visual work, explaining the meaning and importance of each piece.

As for the art, muted colors are mixed together in blending patterns and combined with painted images, hymnal sheets, and textured material.  Vivid or garish color mixtures are rare.  The highlighted portions are words (usually in Biblical verse), arranged in a linear but sporadic fashion.

The art will largely be a matter of personal preference, but there is no doubt that Burbach is talented and passionate about her mixed presentations and the message they send.  Art and Faith provides a visually rich experience with a theme of encouragement and peace.

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