FAQs about Self-Publishing Book Titles

KindlepreneurChoosing the right title for your self-published book is difficult. It’s been proven that your choice of title can have a significant impact on sales.

It’s worrying to think that after all the hours crafting your work it might still sink – all because of a few words on the cover!

This FAQ answers some of the key questions related to finding a great title for your book.

1. Does genre matter?

Many fans of specific book genres use a book’s title as an important factor when considering whether it is right for them. If you are writing within a certain genre, and you don’t yet have a following, making sure that your book can be found by fans of the genre is vital.

Ideally, you should be a fan of the genre yourself. If so, you will have an instinctive feel for whether a title is right or not. Don’t worry if you are writing for a genre you have not personally read much of yourself.

It’s possible to analyze the competing books within any given genre and get a feel for the conventions for titles. After doing this, makes sure your own title “fits in” with the rest.

2. What are some of the factors that make titles work well?

The best titles are able to interest readers on an intellectual or emotional level – sometimes both. Writing an intriguing title is a powerful way of capturing the interest of a book browser and encouraging them to purchase your work.

It is also possible to engage potential readers by using powerful language – consider the impact of using “tragic” instead of “sad,” for example.

It’s worth experimenting with different titles and getting a feel for which have the most impact – both intellectually and emotionally.

3. Should titles work alongside book covers?

Book covers are one of the most important aspects of getting a reader’s attention. They are also often the first place the potential reader will encounter the book’s title. Due to this, titles shouldn’t be considered in isolation.

It’s worth either basing a cover on a title or vice versa. Trying to create a cover and title separately, without thought for how they will mesh, is a recipe for disaster.

4. Does author reputation matter?


If you have an existing following, you have a little more leeway to experiment with your title. In situations such as these, your title will not be as important a factor in your book being discovered as it would for a new author.

Final Thoughts

It’s always worth taking the time to craft and test out the perfect title before self-publishing your book.

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