Constant Pull: Book One: It Starts by Avery Kirk

Constant PullAmelia “Mel” Harper is a young woman in her twenties who works as a carpenter. She lives with her grandfather after losing her parents in an accident, an accident that brought her friends to her – Dave, a neighbor with Down Syndrome, and the firefighter, Kevin, who was involved in trying to save her parents. He’s engaged to be married, but not happily. When she starts receiving messages on scraps of paper from a mysterious man, and her dreams start becoming incredibly vivid, a perplexing trip for two she did not book pulls her to confront the signs she is receiving from all corners of her life.

Constant Pull is written in first-person, with a lot of detail that adds to an individual and unusual character for Mel, with well-described backstory throughout. She’s a compelling personality, and she holds the narrative together. Although this series seems to be heading into the romance genre, it is a book that explores the unseen too, delving into visionary and metaphysical concerns with labyrinthine threads of mystery that make up the eponymous constant pull. It would be nice to see a more professional cover for the book, and some tie-in for its second installment, as with a little polish Kirk is looking at a hit series for those who love character-driven writing with layers exploring the more deep and meaningful aspects of life.

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