Doggy Drama by Andra Gillum, Illustrated by Andy Case

Doggy Drama by Andra GillumIn Doggy Drama by Andra Gillum, a fluffy white dog named Riley, adorably rendered by illustrator Andy Case, puts on a brave face while confronting an escalation of changes in her household.

In first-person narration, Riley recalls happy times as the focal point for all of his “parents’” attention, followed by the chaotic aftermath of family additions: first one child, then another, then a new puppy. While each addition is disruptive, Riley learns to take it all in stride and celebrate the positive. The babies drop scraps of food from their high chairs and the new puppy is a great scapegoat when Riley misbehaves.

A fun and entertaining story for children of all ages, Doggy Drama imparts a valuable message: change is inevitable and the best thing we can do is learn to adapt. While Riley still pines for “the good old days” of being the center of attention, he accepts his new way of life with admirable enthusiasm. This could be a particularly useful read for a child expecting a new sibling or another sudden change in the family dynamic. The child will get a sense of what to expect, the encouragement to overcome the challenges, and the reassurance that they will still be loved and valued. Case’s illustrations will charm children and parents alike.

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