Echoes from the Past by Peter Rimmer

Echoes from the Past by Peter RimmerThe year is 1887, and Sebastian Brigandshaw is stolen away from his lover, Emily, and forced across the sea in order to allow his older brother to take Emily’s hand instead. Cast into the wild and unknown colonies of Africa, Sebastian becomes one of the white hunters destined to see the bloodiest faces of man as the British face off against the Boers in their second war. Sebastian lusts for home, but must endure if he wants to survive in Echoes from the Past by Peter Rimmer.

The book is rather hefty at around 350 pages, yet comes full to the brim with very little that feels as if it should be removed from the story. It’s a rich piece that asks for a committed reader, delivering a magnificent tale of love, loss, greed, folly, and adventure to those happy to stick with it.

Peter Rimmer is a British author now long-time resident of Africa – the history, culture, and environment of which has become the subject of the majority of his fiction to date. His knowledge and understanding of Africa is obvious and deep, leading to a supremely compelling story. His most recent book, Elephant Walk, is the sequel to Echoes from the Past and the second title in the Brigandshaw Chronicles.

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