Endangered Chronicles (Circle of Life Book 1) by C.F. Pons

Endangered Chronicles by C.F. PonsMoira Blake is a brilliant lawyer in her thirties sent far from her home in India to the faraway Western world of modernity and technology. In spite of her reluctance to leave behind so much she holds dear, Moira is determined to make the world a better place, and can only do so by uprooting herself and furthering her career. It’s only after taking the plunge into the strange waters of the unknown does Moira realize what she has to lose, and whether she’s willing to risk what she had always taken for granted in order to pursue her goals. Endangered Chronicles looks at Moira and her life in Circle of Life, Volume 1.

Though Pons is a good storyteller, the book is a little patchy with its editing, with speech spattered in the middle of sentences and descriptions loosely placed in and around uncomfortable run-on sentences with tenses that frequently mix. Regardless of its writing, it still has a good heart, with a compelling tale to tell even if the writing can’t always express it clearly or succinctly. It’s a warming story with a good message that does a lot to question modern existence through Moira’s culture shock and personal revelations.