Nuclear Heat (The Firework Girls Book 4) by J.L. White

Nuclear Heat (Firework Girls Book 4) by J.L. WhiteThey’re the Firework Girls — a group of beautiful, fiery, sometimes explosive women. Sam is the last one of the last of her friends without a man. It’s not a bad deal. There’s a lot more going on in her life than men, and to tell the truth, she’s never had a problem getting some when she feels like it.

Then out of nowhere, there’s Jack. Friends for years, Sam and Jack are drawn closer together. After Sam has an emergency operation, Jack realizes he has feelings for Sam, but keeps them under wraps, as he doesn’t want to ruin their friendship. When Jack gets a new girlfriend, Sam gets a little too jealous and has to admit her feelings. She doesn’t want to let her heart let her into another stupid situation; she’s been hurt before. Is Jack the one exception worth risking it for?

Nuclear Heat is the fourth and last of the Firework Girls series by J.L. White, and a steamy and heartfelt grand finale for the series. The two leads have a palpable chemistry and their story is dripping with emotion. The characters are really compelling, and human. Jack isn’t perfect either, and that’s why Sam likes him. There’s a great tenderness between them, as Jack helps Sam cope with a difficult past, as well as hot scenes to satisfy any romance reader.

Readers of the Firework Girls series won’t be disappointed by this last installment, as it takes some unexpected turns, while still keeping to the same depth and spirit that makes other books in the series so effective. J.L. White has created a really special series and group of characters in the Firework Girls. Never mind just reading the other books in the series, you’ll want to read them all again once you’re done!

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