A Journey with Panic by Dr. James Manning & Dr. Nicola Ridgeway

★★★★ A Journey With Panic by Dr. James Manning & Dr. Nicola Ridgeway

A Journey with Panic: With the Latest Advice on How to Stop Panic Symptoms Using CBT is one of the latest of a series of books by Dr. James Manning and Dr. Nicola Ridgeway that aims to use the principles of CBT – cognitive-behavioral therapy – in self-help guides to various common problems, both in normal day-to-day experiences and for those who suffer from more severe symptoms. CBT is a therapeutic approach that asks those taking part in it to self-examine, self-confront, and address their bad habits, thoughts, and behaviors in hopes of setting their minds and habits to a psychologically healthier mode.

Both Dr. Manning and Dr. Ridgeway are active, practicing psychologists who specialize in CBT, and they lend their expertise on the subject to patients on a daily basis, with up-to-date methods and research to back up their assertions. This is evident throughout the book, where everything is presented sensibly, in clear English. The authors know what they’re doing, they understand much of what you are going through, and they’re here to help with no fussing, and no talking down. There is no nonsense or fluff within these pages. This is a common theme in the two doctors’ publications, and it’s a refreshing thing to see in psychological literature, which often swings to the overly technical or too airy and spiritual.

The book has a very good balance between the personal and the scientifically proven, all while making sure to explain everything in succinct and comprehensive language. Dr. Manning in particular gives a personal edge to the guide as he himself is a sufferer of panic attacks, and has used these techniques in his own daily life. If nothing else sells you on this book’s techniques, this is a final seal of approval.

The only real problem with the book is that which is inherent to CBT itself, which is that the process will always work best with a neutral observer who can help identify habits and assist the sufferer with their problems. The book does a lot to involve the reader and try to guide them as much as can be done without professional interaction, which will certainly be a plus to many who suffer from panic who may wish to keep their problems private as much as possible. The book also includes worksheets for readers to utilize in their self-help. Generally, the book would work best as an aid rather than a complete course of therapy – something it does not claim to be.

Overall, A Journey with Panic is a fantastic guide to help deal with panic symptoms in everyday life, and is a must-read for sufferers of all types of panic disorders. Anyone who finds themselves prone to any range of these problems should feel confident that this title will help, and best of all, remind you that you are not unusual and certainly not alone.

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A Journey with Panic: With the Latest Advice on How to Stop Panic Symptoms Using CBT

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