Find Your Voice As a Leader by Paul N. Larsen

Find Your Voice As a Leader by Paul LarsenFind Your VOICE As a Leader by Paul N. Larsen provides concise, clear and valuable leadership advice.

Without wasting a single word, Paul Larsen delivers a stellar guide to identifying and harnessing your personal skills as a leader, with wisdom that is applicable to a wide variety of power positions.  Find Your VOICE As a Leader presents the wealth of Larsen’s own experience and structures it in an easy-to-read and engaging collection of exercises, questions, and valuable instructions. The book does away with much of the typical how-to book structure, and instead moves quickly through important points that burgeoning leaders need to hear. Larsen avoids condescension by assuming that readers already have a certain basic understanding.

The pace of the book is quick, but not too rapid that it becomes overwhelming. The self-improvement elements of the book are not always given as much attention in this genre, but Larsen uses a conversational tone, making these sections enjoyable to read. The inclusion of questions makes the reading experience more interactive, while Larsen’s various suggestions and tidbits of advice give him credibility.

There are a few moments in the book that are repetitive, and despite the brisk pace, some elements could have been clipped or shortened – such as the section on creating a brand, some of which felt like common sense. The advice and commentary is valuable, but there isn’t always a good flow between ideas. Despite these quibbles, this is an entertaining – and most of all helpful – leadership guide that takes the subject in new directions.

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