Journeys of the Agenyre: Masters of the Will: The Hunt for the Golden Watch by Adrian Ray

Journeys of the Agenyre-Masters of the WillJourneys of the Agenyre: Masters of the Will: The Hunt for the Golden Watch by Adrian Ray is a young adult fantasy novel with an intriguing premise, making for a good start to a new fantasy series. Aarron Hutches and Anna-Lisa Ammerson are Agenyre, otherwise known as Will Masters, who are able to bend elements at will. This is much more than standard elements like fire and water: they can bend spirit, heart, space, time, energy, and even more. The two teens go on a quest using their abilities to find a magical artifact split into four parts, which could affect all magic users on Earth.

Adrian Ray is great at establishing character and setting. His two lead teens are distinct and fun to root for, and strike a nice balance between the magical and the recognizable – they are still teens at heart. At the same time they could have done more with their powers, and with the premise of the Agenyre overall. Granted, this is the the first book in the series, but the premise opens up so many possibilities that it would be even more fun to see the full gamut of powers at work. Additionally, the watch images used in the novel seem a shade less than magical, and seem more like something from a watch catalogue.

Still, these criticisms aside, this is a mightily inventive story that will hook readers in very quickly. It introduces a series with amazing possibility, and readers will be eager for future quests.

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