Light at Play by Rachelle Thimote, Illustrated by Gary Wein

Light at Play by Rachelle Thimote Instilling wisdom and progressive thought at an early age is incredibly important, and this sort of profound message can come in may forms – from the most fundamental visual message to deep, meaningful advice. Within the pages of Light at Play: Foundations for positive self-image and self-esteem, Rachelle Thimote touches on the basic themes that drive creativity, mental development, alternative thought, happiness, kindness and cognitive flexibility in children.

While it is clear what she is trying to accomplish, it seems that the ideas are presented a bit too simply. While the length of the book is restricted by the need for time-intensive illustrations on each page, Thimote may have been better served to write a longer book, making it more accessible and valuable for a wider age range.

Some of the phrasing in the book is slightly awkward as well, such as using “Shine on” in certain contradictory ways. In the middle of the book, one of the pages reads – “I can shine on the rules. I follow the rules. I can shine on change. I bend the rules.” While older individuals can recognize the duality of words and the idea of balancing opposing thoughts, this might be tough for children to understand or absorb.

Overall, Light at Play is a profound and strikingly beautiful book focusing on important elements that build personality, character and awareness in young children. Thimote could likely double the length of the book to expand its scope, as well as clear up some of the phrasing, but the book provides a wealth of information for children to learn from and enjoy.

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