The Path of Peace (The Cremelino Prophecy Book 3) by Mike Shelton

The Path of Peace (The Cremelino Prophecy Book 3) The Path of Peace by Michael Shelton is an action-packed and fitting end to the The Cremelino Prophecy trilogy. Darius is now king and still not in complete control of his magical powers. He sees only good in everyone, which works both for and against him in his quest for peace in the realm with many vying for power. The mysterious Cremelino horses may just provide the key magical ingredient to restore balance, making Darius’s path complete.

The novel is packed with multiple story lines that are masterfully woven together. The progression of the characters is satisfying with each character displaying a greater wisdom and maturity, and the gathering storm of villains and the Preacher’s sinister agenda set an ominous tone. Magic, mischief, betrayal and endless scheming make this book a constantly unpredictable read.

While the Path books don’t take incredible liberties with the genre – and this installment is no exception – they are still very solid and enjoyable works, with each book adding to and surpassing the last. By the book’s end, you’ll be glad to have invested the time in this three-book arc, and maybe even wish for more. Everything that made the earlier books enjoyable is here to an even greater degree, as the books tie up into a satisfying conclusion, with a number of surprises along the way.

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