The Sixth Time: A Psychological Thriller by Joanie Pariera

The Sixth Time: A Psychological Thriller by Joanie ParieraDavid Fosco’s life is unraveling before his eyes. It started with the night his girlfriend of ten years, Gemma Sweets, suddenly accused him of rape, taking him to trial for a crime he insists he did not commit. And that was only the start of it. When Gemma suddenly and mysteriously vanishes midway through the trial, David is left as the prime suspect.

David seems the most clueless of everyone involved, and every question answered only opens the door to more and more questions. Who  really was Gemma Sweet, and where is she now? Will David be cleared of suspicion, or does he have more to do with her disappearance than he seems to think? What does this moderately famous industrialist have a part in, truly? A game of “where in the world is Gemma Sweet” is about to begin, with the truth on the line, in The Sixth Time by Joanie Pariera.

The book is a mature, moderately-paced thriller with a fantastic hook and a great delivery. The story has a lot of little complexities that are easily understood and the writing is succinct and punchy. It’s a great read for anyone who wants a stand-out “he-said, she-said” crime thriller, which acts as a page turner with some surprising psychological depth.

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