Review: PURR Passive Income Power™ by Bradley Morgan

★★★★ PURR Passive Income Power™ by Bradley Morgan

If you’re looking for a high-energy introduction to making money in the digital age, then PURR by Bradley Morgan is a wonderful place to start. With his unique branding, complete with a bevy of acronyms and trademarked self-improvement techniques, Morgan takes readers through the many ups and downs of working for yourself, and generating passive income along the way.

The process is pitched in a straightforward way, and while the inspirational quotes peppered throughout can be slightly disruptive, the intention of the book is clear and admirable. Bradley Morgan comes across as a man who was once forced to find a new way to succeed in a changing world, and is now generously offering the wisdom gleaned from his experience for others to use.

Some of the book is overly slow, and highly repetitive, but when you’re trying to brand your own money-making technique, old-fashioned subliminal tactics are oddly effective. Between the hackneyed phrases and common sentiments, there are engaging, clean sections of thoughtful advice and guidance, including tips on how to develop your initial money-making strategy, passive monetization methods, lateral thinking skills, and self-improvement philosophies.

For people who want to be led by the hand through all self-help process steps, this book is perfect – even providing questionnaires and participatory sections within the text. By engaging readers to ask themselves hard questions, Morgan does what a good self-help book should: force introspection. Morgan admits that the devil is in the details, and then leads readers through them step by step, making his devotion to this revolutionary industry clear.

The author’s storytelling skills leave something to be desired, and some of the personal experience narration does seem slightly pompous. From the very beginning, when he states that he has recently lost an $18,000 income stream from Adwords, it creates a class gulf between author and reader that may be off-putting for some.

Furthermore, the book occasionally falls into the cheerleading, self-help, “you-can-do-anything-if-you-put-your-mind-to-it” jargon, where the author seems to be convincing even himself that he’s not selling snake oil. The ideas are strong and the advice is derived from personal experience, but the presentation of the concepts isn’t always done artfully or professionally. An author should want to convince a reader sincerely, not through salesmanship. It also seems like the author tackles too many concepts at once. He is meticulously thorough, but one subject doesn’t seem to be any more important than another. This gives the writing a somewhat monotone effect.

Even so, there is no denying the incredible amount of research that went into this sizable book. It is a valuable guidebook for everyone who wants to get their feet wet in the world of e-commerce. The content itself is sound and important, but it could have been shortened or organized better, as 352 pages is a bit long for the subject matter at hand. Morgan is deservedly an expert in the field, but the “sales talk” nature of the writing and the book’s identity crisis between self-help and business literature makes it weaker than it could be. Overall, it’s a thoroughly helpful but imperfect guide.

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