Review: Taken By Storm (The Taken Book 1) by Anna Argent

★★★★★ Taken By Storm by Anna Argent

Isa Telwyn would say she’s pretty normal – in her twenties, working as a small-town librarian in Oklahoma. She might have fantastic dreams of impossible, wondrous places, sure, but at her heart, she’s just your average girl – right?

When a storm sweeps into her sleepy town, a stunningly gorgeous man carved out of dreams and bound by honor, comes to deliver news to Isa: she is the born leader of a far-off people, hidden away in human society in secret for protection from a great threat. Torn between two worlds, Isa must act quickly and decisively with the support of her new protector if she is to save either one. Will Isa be able to live up to her destiny? Will she be able to resist the temptation of forbidden love?

Taken By Storm is a really fun, indulgent book that aims to satisfy you on every level, and for the most part it will. Do you want a female lead with everything going for her in her own quaint way, and who discovers that she is actually royalty? Do you want a hot stud from another world? Well, you’ve got it. This is a satisfying read that’s going to scratch that paranormal romance itch, even if you don’t know you have it. It flows, it’s punchy and it’s completely smoking hot.

The relationship between Isa and Warrian is electric, starting with a bang and constantly in a delicate balance between passionate hatred and love. Isa is a no-nonsense, take-no-crap type of woman, and Warrian is her equal and opposite reaction. The red-hot moments are incredible – there’s no waiting around for any of the good stuff here!

On top of everything else, there’s something of a ticking-clock of the looming threat of the storm, as well as the bigger threat of the Raide, among others. The Taken are a hunted people, after all, and their enemies have gotten very good at hunting them. Even at the book’s resolution, there are so many places Argent can take these characters. It’s a relief to know there are other books already published in the series, so there will be answers to some of the questions about the larger world brought up in this one – and of course, much more of the good stuff between the men and women of the Taken!

As genre romance novels go, this is a good bet to try even if you’re not very familiar with the genre. The book really is very fun, keeping it light for the most part and exploring an interesting concept throughout. If you want a raunchy supernatural read that doesn’t get too strange or too kinky, and does everything it promises, Taken By Storm is a wildly entertaining option. The book is fast-paced, heart-pounding, and delivers a molten-hot tale of action and romance in the face of mortal danger. Anna Argent gives us a sharp taste of what she’s made of in this first book of the Taken series.


Taken by Storm (The Taken Book 1)

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