Blood Will Tell by C.S. Donnell

Blood Will TellThis high-drama saga follows Amy throughout her life with all the events that her relationships bring. Difficult to pinpoint as one genre in particular, Blood Will Tell can be described as a New Adult drama that spirals into a thriller with some medical elements and horror thrown in to thrill readers who enjoy stories with a hint of romance and crime, as Amy shifts through many changes as she adjusts to each event.

A story told from many perspectives, Amy must overcome a powerful and destructive bond with her wealthy and heartless father to find love and independence, and learn what it means to break through the chains of family ties built of lies.

Although the story may jump around a little too much in places as readers attempt to hold all perspectives in their minds while reading, the book has an intriguing premise in a narrowing field of genre fiction aimed at women. Author Donnell has made a great effort to pull into a more literary field by not agreeing to stick to any one theme, which may broaden her net of readers. While the book could benefit from more of a polish with both content editing and presentation, Blood Will Tell will prove an entertaining read for anyone who picks it up.

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