Not Just Talent: The Millennials Redefining Talent and Human Capital Management by Philipe Bruce

Not Just TalentPhilipe Bruce has a passion for human resources and how to maximize potential in a diverse workforce. Millennials, otherwise known as Generation Y, are changing – and breaking – the rules of business, and talent management heads are going to have to learn how to make the most of this resource, as millions of young workers enter the job market.

Bruce tackles the dilemma of how to demograph and analyze this new skillset. There are some generalizations that can be made and proven to be true: Generation Y are “digital natives” and have skills that come naturally other generations had to learn, for example viewing technology as a necessity, not as a tool. Millennials have a better work/life balance, something for sure older team players may want to get a grip on. Author Bruce looks at how those truths can be utilized to provide businesses with a solid and broad workforce, and does so using a friendly and clear tone. He argues that this raw talent can be channeled into working for your business.

The book is well-edited and presented, and could be a great new companion for any human resource manager looking for a fresh take on how to recruit and place younger generations with much to offer the workplace.

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