The Millennial Roadmap to a Rich Life by Jeremy Kho

The Millennial Roadmap to a Rich LifeThere’s a lot of talk about Millennials in the business world, and a slew of books written about them – this is because thinking goes that employing Millennials can be highly beneficial to your business, but some find it a high-risk strategy. Jeremy Kho explains a different angle – how Millennials can deal with these attitudes, and how they themselves can achieve success and riches for themselves, in his new book, The Millennial Roadmap to a Rich Life: The Stress Less Guide to Succeed in Your Financial Life. Kho himself is a Millennial investor, and understands money, and he puts his expertise to good use in this book.

As on his website, Stress Proof Your Money, Kho concentrates his vision on younger investors who need help with investment for the first time, and mentors those who would like to see their money grow, and also explains in factual and clear ways how to build a Millennial-style portfolio that suits a younger lifestyle. What’s clever is that he also deals with the fast-paced attention span of the younger, more digital generation who don’t like to wait, and he brings home the facts about investment and the waiting game, setting realistic goals. If you are a younger person looking to invest, this book is highly recommended, as well as Kho’s tips on his website.

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