The Power of Seventy by Gerard Colenbrander

The Power of Seventy by Gerard ColenbranderThe Power of Seventy by Gerard Colenbrander is a fun and adventurous tale about discovering treasure in the Congo. Jaco, Ralph and Rusty are men in their seventies who have a reunion after a long absence. With the knowledge of treasure somewhere in the African jungle, the three men try and retrieve the treasure by land, sea, and sky, in creative and innovative ways, and prove that seventy is still young.

The novel could be described as a somewhat-oxymoronic “relaxing adventure.” Though the stakes are high for the guys involved, and there’s plenty of action, it’s really a fun and quick read – the kind of book you take on vacation. Or better yet: it’s the kind of book that feels like going on vacation.

Given that author Colenbrander has led a fairly adventurous life of his own, he lends a fair bit of credibility and realism to this tale, so it seems less like an adventurous fantasy, and more like something that could happen. However, he does veer to the fantastical in some respects (all the adventurers are uncommonly handsome, for one), but in an adventure story, that’s sometimes the order of the day.

If you want an escape, complete with local color about the Congo, and even some tender moments among friends, then The Power of Seventy is an entertaining choice. You might not want to get into the predicaments they do, but you’ll be glad to sit back and enjoy the ride.

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