Molding My Destiny by Patrice M. Foster

Molding My Destiny by Patrice FosterThe most powerful stories are those torn from personal experience, and in Molding My Destiny by Patrice M. Foster, readers are presented with a heartbreaking account of an impossible childhood. Parental support and love seem nonexistent, and selfishness is the crucible in which the author is formed. From the mean streets of Jamaica, witnessing the immorality and cruelty of her father, to the feeling of abandonment on American shores, this book is a painful saga of experience that would be too great for many people to overcome.

Beyond the initial trauma, however, Foster shares the symptoms and side effects of such an upbringing as she moves through her adult life. The book is an exorcism of pain, and a brutally honest picture of poverty told from someone who can say they truly survived it. The writing isn’t perfectly polished, but that adds credibility to the story. Foster is a normal person with an incredibly powerful story to tell, and her barefaced bravery to share it in this form is an inspiration.

The distance of time and recollection doesn’t soften the hard memories that Foster shares, and while the writing could use a grammatical polish for ease of reading, the simple, matter-of-fact writing style makes this a gripping read. For anyone who has known disappointment, personal tragedy, or the long journey to salvation, this book will resonate in countless ways. This is the type of confessional narrative that exposes human nature for what it is: hardy, unquenchable and perseverant.

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