Self-Publishing Success Story: Kristen Ashley

Kristen AshleyBorn in Gary, Indiana, Kristen Ashley is one of the hottest names in self-publishing in recent years. An overnight sensation, Kristen Ashley is primarily a romance author whose powerful, indulgent, and altogether fun reads have cultivated a huge following, and is a hard-working head of her own business who still manages to publish several books a year.

The Will by Kristen AshleyWhat books has she written?
With over 30 published works, it’s likely you’ve heard of at least one of her published works. Some of her most popular series include Dream Man (including Mystery Man, Wild Man, et al), Rock Chick (including Rock Chick, Rock Chick Rescue, Rock Chick Reawakening), Colorado Mountain (The Gamble, Sweet Dreams, Lady Luck, etc.) and Chaos (Own The Wind, Fire Inside, Every Year, and more.) Her most written genres are romance and erotica, with a new direction in each series.

The Success Story
An avid writer, Ashley was content in publishing several books per year, experiencing a relatively small but devoted fanbase for her work. This changed as Ashley experienced unprecedented success with the release of the second book in the Kristen AshleyColorado Mountain series, Sweet Dreams, after being covered by a popular blogger. Her audience grew exponentially overnight, prompting her to devote more time on her career. A proud workaholic, she now heads a devoted community of fans, events, communities, and a veritable self-publishing empire with her work, managing publishing across the world and cross-platform into audiobooks and more.

Kristen AshleyHow many books has she sold?
While generally unconcerned with sales, making very little fuss over her public figures, her work has thousands of reviews on Amazon, with titles such as The Will making the Top 15 for Erotica. Outside of Amazon, Rock Chick Revolution and Own The Wind have both made the New York Times Bestseller lists. Her work can now be seen on shelves of major retailers across the globe, in multiple languages, and in many formats both written and recorded.

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