Great Dates With Your Mate by Laurie Ostby Kehler

Great DatesWhen you get married, you hope it’s forever, but many marriages fail due to the enjoyment and excitement of dates fading away over time. Author Laurie Kehler, a happily married woman, has penned an effective guide on how to have romantic and fun dates with your chosen life partner. Great Dates With Your Mate consists of “starters” for romantic conversation and focuses on drawing in memories and recollections for partners to encourage a strengthening of the relationship.

Throughout the book, the suggestions are helped along with inspirational quotations from writers and other resources, giving some extra pushes for those looking for a way to start talking in a more poetic, gentle way. The book uses the Bible, and has a Christian value behind it, aimed at a married couple who have had a wedding and honeymoon.

Despite the rather clinical cover, the book’s interior is a much more attractive, romantic “mood board” style piece that could certainly give hope to struggling partners in need of healing. It could also be used to bolster counseling or an intervention for a more successful marriage. The guide is not only for couples whose romantic life is in dire straits, so it can be helpful for most any married couple looking for a new spark.

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