I’ll Be Looking at the Moon by Lucia Barrett

I'll Be Looking at the Moon by Lucia BarrettI’ll Be Looking at the Moon: A novel about finding Home by Lucia Barrett is a delicately poignant novel about finding yourself, and love, even if it takes decades to achieve.

Escaping her destructive family to Europe, Elizabeth Parker Morgan has a passionate romance with an Italian man who has a troubled life of his own. Their relationship is shattered and Elizabeth is forced to move back to the States, and finds out that she is pregnant. The reason for the separation from her true love has always remained a mystery, and she’s never lost her deep connection to him, so 15 years later she travels back to France to find the answers she’s always been looking for.

I’ll Be Looking at the Moon is beautifully written and expressed. Though the storyline may sound like familiar romance fare, Barrett’s strength of a writer gives the book true meaning and narrative weight. Her descriptions of Europe are breathtaking, and Elizabeth’s heartache is evocatively conveyed. There is not a lot of treacly sentimentality in the book. The first sentence can attest to that: “She looked out at the glass-blue sky and imagined herself dying.”

The weakest point of the book is the cover, which really deserves to be better for such a carefully-written read. This is really a book to get lost in – you’ll get swept away by romantic far-away locales, and feel every pull of Elizabeth’s search for love and personal fulfillment.