Not Fit For Human Consumption by A.P. Filosa, Psy.D.

Not Fit For Human Consumption by A.P. Filosa, PSY.D.Not Fit For Human Consumption: Triggered Traumatic Memories and the Violence Profile by licensed Clinical Psychologist A.P. Filosa focuses on the myriad problems that trigger our worst impulses, and how we can ultimately overcome them. Beginning with the claim that the book is the “CURE TO HUMANITY’S ILLS,” it’s a wide-reaching treatise that can help those suffering from traumatic experiences, and especially those prone to violent impulses.

Though the book can certainly be used as a self-help book, it takes the macro approach to personal issues – there are societal issues at play in personal psychology that are ingrained and internalized. It’s a unique approach, and potentially more helpful than weak bromides like “think positively.” Indeed, the book is fairly dark about society’s ills, and with some good reason.

It is also no-holds-barred in its assessment of people on a personal level, pointing out people’s potential for selfishness and other abusive behavior, and not limiting this to the “bad” people, but everyone to some degree. It’s because she takes this outlook that when she does eventually reach the chapter “The Importance of Positive Self-Talk” that it carries more weight. Too often in self-help books, the emphasis is on the positive without proper investigation of negative impulses, and Filosa intelligently discusses both sides of the equation.

The videos included in the ebook edition expound on these ideas, and should be helpful to those trying to work themselves out of a dark place. Perhaps the book won’t solve humanity’s issues overnight, but Not Fit For Human Consumption is effective because of its tough-love approach, and for Filosa’s extensive knowledge of the subject.