Peach: An Exceptional Teen’s Inspiring Journey for Universal Acceptance by Jenevieve (Peach) Woods

Peach: An Exceptional Teen's Inspiring Journey for Universal AcceptancePeach is a lively and normal teenager, except for the fact she has mitochondrial disease, called MITO, a genetic disorder that means movement and speech are somewhat affected by her condition. Her friend and publisher, Pete Geissler, has presented this book to offer inspiration and hope to others.

The book was written by Peach herself along with Pete Geissler, as she carries on journaling her path through teen events through going to college away from home, and how she deals day to day with her life and faces tasks with her mother, who she clearly has a very strong relationship with. She writes in a diary style about simple activities such as getting out of bed and making it out of the house, as well as attending her mom’s wedding. The book is filled with a scrapbook of photos showing Peach and her family at key moments in her life so far, as well as some of her poetry, providing a heartfelt window into her life.

Flanked by many gushing, loving prose pieces from her friends, family, and those who have treated her, this book is especially suited to any young person looking to get through a tough time living a normal life with a chronic medical condition. At the same time, Peach’s message of hope and self-acceptance will be highly inspiring to any reader, whether or not they are suffering from an illness.