Searching for Gatsby: A Ronnie Lake Murder Mystery by Niki Danforth

Searching for Gatsby: A Ronnie Lake Murder MysteryRonnie Lake is a fifty-something divorcee, starting out as a private investigator. When she’s invited to her wealthy friends’ party, a thief is murdered. The mystery then begins: not only who killed him, but what he was trying to steal. This leads Ronnie deep into the world of antique book collecting, where there’s a lot of money involved, and a lot of potential suspects, in this fun cozy mystery.

The mystery of Searching for Gatsby is two-fold: of course there’s a murder to solve, but also Ronnie Lake has to uncover the business of rare book collecting, with fascinating detail for the reader, and sly nods to Fitzgerald. It’s not the first time a mystery has taken place in this world, but it’s done well by Niki Danforth, exploring the kinds of players involved, as well as the stakes.

A mystery is only as good as its sleuth, and Ronnie Lake is a spirited and sympathetic guide through it all – reeling from the death of her son in Afghanistan, and helped along by his German Shepherd, she’s a rounded character who you root for, whether it’s solving a mystery or finding a new romance.

Filled with interesting, believable characters, and an intriguing setting, Searching for Gatsby is a solid, satisfying mystery.

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