The Covens of Elmeeria by Miguel Lopez de Leon

The Covens of Elmeeria by Miguel Lopez de LeonElmeeria is a place of magic and wonder, and for now it’s in a delicate balance. The garden kingdom enjoys a prosperous existence, yet must guard itself against threats from beyond the great wall and from those that may infiltrate them at any moment: witches.

At least, that’s what the royal family have always said. In truth, both the Queen and Princess Nia are what they so publicly despise. When the walls are breached and a terrible army threatens to take over the fair kingdom, it falls to Princess Nia to seek help in even the darkest corners of the land, and break bread with her distant cousins that she once so harshly ridiculed.

The Covens of Elmeeria is the new series from the author of the Galadria series, Miguel Lopez de Leon, who has been making waves in indie fantasy since his debut. A book that takes high fantasy to new heights with powerful, fluid writing and some spectacular drama, Elmeeria proves that the first series won’t be the only memorable work to be penned by the author. It is a magical work with a compelling protagonist who endures countless hardships and must face the darkness within herself to find the light in unexpected places.

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