A Bed of Brambles (Draymere Hall Book 2) by Sam Russell

A Bed of Brambles (Draymere Hall Book 2) by Sam RussellA Bed of Brambles (Draymere Hall Book 2) by Sam Russell is a romance about the steamy and turbulent relationship of Hettie and Alexander. They’ve been apart from each other for six months when Hettie comes back home. Their relationship, tumultuous as it is, picks up right where it left off, with the hope of doing it right this time. Hettie wants to manage her ambitions with her romantic life and opens up a livery stable, but soon finds she needs Alexander’s help, which may bring them together or break them apart.

There’s a bit of “love at first fight” to Hettie and Alexander – they’re both intensely strong-willed and stubborn. This is a match of equals, not a match of dominance and submission, though Alexander does fit the “bad boy” type to a tee. Even with its tropes, Russell is adept at setting scenes and establishing her characters’ innermost thoughts and insecurities. The cover doesn’t quite suggest an erotic romance (no barechested man on the cover), but there are plenty of bedroom scenes, and Russell doesn’t hold anything back.

Though this is the second book in the series, this novel works entirely as a standalone, in which one could potentially read Book 1 as a prequel. This romance isn’t wildly original, but it’s solid and enveloping, not to mention sizzling, and will surely satisfy devoted readers of romance.

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