The Anatomy of Cheating by Nesly Clerge

The Anatomy of CheatingThe Anatomy of Cheating by Nesly Clerge is a riveting novel about infidelity and its consequences. Chelsea Hall has an idyllic life with her physician husband, Garett – that is, except for the fact that he can’t remain faithful. Chelsea is determined to make the marriage work, but she’s understandably miserable, until she meets an author named Luke, who’s also having marital problems, and Chelsea starts an affair of her own. From there, a thrilling book unfolds with a number of shocking surprises and Chelsea’s affair taking on a new level of revenge.

This is a taut psychological thriller that opens up a number of interesting ethical dilemmas. It isn’t just an “infidelity novel” as the stakes grow to a thriller’s degree, but it also does raise a number of questions about morality that will have readers questioning their own moral compass. You’ll be quickly drawn into these characters’ lives and the choices they make, which have entirely unpredictable results.

Clerge has a growing following with each of his books selling well, and this novel shows why. He’s a case study in both writing and marketing books. Take a look at his Goodreads profile for pointers on how to put together book pages. This may seem unrelated to a book review, but the same care to detail can be found in his writing as well. This is bestseller writing through and through, and Clerge is bound to win new fans from the first page.

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