The Cheating Boyfriend (And Other Organizational Indiscretions) by Jenny Hayes, MSOD

The Cheating BoyfriendThe provocatively-titled The Cheating Boyfriend is not about adultery but in fact about a different type of relationship: the one between manager and employee. Hayes’ book is a guide for good managerial practice in which both employee and manager are open and honest so that the workplace relationship is as healthy as it can be.

In a collection of articles that were previously published online, Hayes covers how managers can be better leaders through actually caring about their employees, leaving things like nepotism or cronyism at the wayside, i.e. anything that inspires discomfort or resentment among the staff. An HR manager herself, there is also a focus on good recruiting practices to help set a good workplace tone from the get-go.

Overall, it’s a fun guide that you’ll breeze through in a sitting. However, the book is not always as thorough as it could be. Some chapters end somewhat abruptly – an appropriate length, perhaps, for an online environment, but Hayes could have expanded on the material a bit more than she has here, especially when she’s referencing articles that would ordinarily be linked to, and could use more context.

At the same time, it does give the book a more laid-back and personable flair, so the book could very well be more effective than a number of bullet points. Hayes frequently peppers her workplace examples with pop culture references, which elevates the book above a dry managerial manual into something much more lively and entertaining.

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