Moriarty Meets His Match (A Professor & Mrs. Moriarty Mystery #1) by Anna Castle

Moriarty Meets His MatchMoriarty Meets His Match by Anna Castle is a mystery novel woven and detangled by Sherlock Holmes’ famous nemesis, James Moriarty, and his complicated love, Angelina Gould.

In this who-done-it, Professor James Moriarty wraps himself up in an investigation that revolves around burglary and murder, initially to save his own skin, but as he comes to know the beautiful and mysteriously complicated Angelina Gould, he may have bitten off more than he can chew.

Fans of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock may be surprised to find a kindhearted and heroic Moriarty at the heart of this first novel of Castle’s series. Readers have come to know this character as an evil, criminal mastermind, but Castle reinvents him. While he is still mischievous, and shows a possible propensity for crime down the line, even the greatest Sherlock fan cannot help but find empathy for this notorious character.

In addition to skillfully written prose, Moriarty Meets His Match is wonderfully well-researched. Set in 1885 London, it revolves, in part, around the International Inventions Exhibition and the Tower Spherical Engine. Castle exquisitely paints the scene of this bustling fair and the intricate workings of the engine, so readers are able to closely follow and uncover clues with the characters on this wild ride.

The resolution of the plot leaves the reader looking for more, making this an electric start to a new series. Readers won’t have to wait, as the second book in the series, Moriarty Takes His Medicine, is already available.

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