Nostalgia or Sunset by Aurin Shaila Nusrat Sheikh

Nostalgia or Sunset Nostalgia or Sunset: A journey towards memories… by Aurin Shaila Nusrat Sheikh is an evocative work of prose and poetry that’s both wistful and melancholy. A passionate and expressive writer, Sheikh writes about love, nature, and everyday observations using language that is in turns abstract and direct.

Even when using melancholy or plaintive imagery, the feeling of these poems is one of thoughtfulness and reverence for one’s life and surroundings. Many of these poems are told from the first-person perspective, yet do not seem overly inward-looking or self-obsessed. The “I” could be the reader herself, so the collection gives a new almost-painterly perspective on the world.

The read is marred a bit by editing errors with missing consonants, misplaced commas, and some awkward phrasing. This is more a problem with the prose in the book than the poetry, but the poetry has some issues as well, such as an overuse of thesaurus words – “The meadow was reprobate with sinuous breeze.” Artistic license does give allowance for abstraction in poetry, but some of the writing is unnecessarily unclear.

These issues could be easily sorted out, and as it is Nostalgia or Sunset is an oftentimes moving collection with endings that will leave a lasting impression, until you move on to the next piece, making the cumulative affect of this work to be quietly profound and emotional. Readers will come away feeling spiritually uplifted, as Sheikh is a vividly descriptive and observant poet.