Spoon Knife 2: Test Chamber – Edited by Dani Alexis Ryskamp and Sam Harvey

Spoon Knife 2: Test Chamber by Dani Alexis Ryskamp and Sam HarveyThe Spoon Knife anthologies are an annual open collection run by NeuroQueer Books to give exposure to upcoming writers of neurodivergent, queer, and Mad literature. Spoon Knife 2: Test Chamber is, as the title suggests, the second such collection, and intends to stand as as a defiant monument to the experiences and efforts of marginalized communities who are bound to suffer in the midst of recent and current geopolitical climates.

The collection comprises 35 stories, all with a general technological, dystopic, or post-human theme in addition to the overall NeuroQueer Books niche of neurodivergent/queer subject matter. These include an eye-opening account of life as a transgender man and those of his mobility tools, to more fictional tales such as that of being a monster or an AI. While, as with all collections, one’s mileage may vary, the collection has some definite stand-out hits and the overall level of quality and ability to intrigue any potential reader is high.

Certainly people of similar backgrounds, or at least the interest to hear and think about those perspectives, will enjoy the generous bundle of work, which has been unquestionably well-selected. NeuroQueer definitely makes a statement with this anthology, and makes well the argument for opening spaces to the potentially-overlooked talent prevalent in neurodivergent and queer communities.

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