The God Virus (Indigo Adventures Book 1) by Indigo Voyager

The God Virus (Indigo Adventures Book 1) The God Virus by Indigo Voyager is a hugely-enjoyable sci-fi novel following Derek Evans who finds he has strange new powers, and a lot of new enemies. After taking an experimental drug for his depression, he finds that he can travel out of body and read people’s minds. Trying to re-enter his life, he gets involved with a co-worker named Allie, who inherits the same powers, and who also has connections to the mob. As they are both sought by criminals and government agencies, Derek and Allie explore the incredible limits of these powers while trying to evade capture.

Though the book has a fairly standard “superpower” premise, Voyager is such a sharp and engaging writer that you’ll be immediately hooked on the book, tropes and all. He adds a dash of romance as well, and the criminal element is a unique spin on a familiar theme. The book also deftly explores themes of science, spirituality, and human evolution without getting too heady or preachy, making for a mind-bending and entertaining work of science fiction.

Don’t let the quality of the book cover fool you, this is a truly gripping and imaginative read. It’s a real shame that the cover could scare some readers off, as this is a page-turning thriller that will surely bring new fans to the Indigo Adventures series.

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