A Burning in the Darkness by A P McGrath

A Burning in the Darkness by A P McGrath A Burning in the Darkness by A P McGrath is a compelling thriller about the dynamic Father Michael Kieh, who hears people’s confessions at a busy English airport, including the confession of a murderer. When a murder happens at the airport, and Kieh recognizes one of the victims, accusations fly his way, and he must prove his innocence, as well as reconcile his dark past.

A Burning in the Darkness is riveting because the strength of its characters, primarily Michael Kieh. At times, he is dynamic to a fault, but his thoughtful interior life and his life story is what makes him such a compelling lead figure. He is a fundamentally good person, so you root for him from the very start, and the novel switching between his former life in Liberia and the present gives great weight to his character.

The shifting narrative is also an innovative way for McGrath to further the story, as it shows how deeply the past can impact the present. There is a sympathetic romance at the book’s core as well, making A Burning in the Darkness a well-layered novel that will satisfy thriller readers, religious fiction readers, and readers of literary contemporary fiction.

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