Let’s Go Dancing in the Light by Gloria D. Gonsalves

Let’s Go Dancing in the Light by Gloria D. GonsalvesA poetess and storyteller, including children’s fiction, Gloria D. Gonsalves will touch hearts and minds with her evocative short compositions in Let’s Go Dancing in the Light: A Collection of Poetry and Prose for Soul and Spirit.

Admitting a leaning towards Christianity, Gonsalves embraces other faiths in this uplifting and well-rounded work. Some pieces exude the enigmatic quality of a Zen kōan, as in “To the Denizens of Now”:

There’s no year…Would we want a calendar?
There’s no finish line…Would we stop bustling?

Each piece in the collection speaks of gritty human experience, sensual and violent, poignant and unexpected, expressing a right to hope and an audacious will to live.

Opening with, “Anger was not an option so I became docile and timid,” Gonsalves is anything but shy in this bold treatment of the relationship between soul and spirit. Multilingual and multicultural, she marches out waving a banner in almost every line. Her selection of the best word, the right image, is notable: “Farewell descending shoes hello ascending crown”; “His mouth recited prayers and hymns, I dared kiss him to purify my poetry.” This resonance infuses even the more personal, less universal contributions.

Gonsalves shows here that she is a writer for thoughtful, mature readers as well as children in this inspiring compendium of poetry and prose.

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