Frozen Statues, Perdition Games by L.E. Fraser

Frozen Statues Perdition Games by L.E. FraserPsychological thrillers are supposed to be compelling but the really good ones, like Frozen Statues, Perdition Games by L.E. Fraser, will really throw the reader for a loop.

University freshman have begun disappearing without a trace and soon one of them turns up dead, a frozen statue with his eyes gouged out and replaced with black stones. When the frozen body of a second student is found shortly after, the media is quick to anoint the crimes as the work of the Frozen Statue Killer. The murders soon become personal for Toronto P.I. Samantha (Sam) McNamara, and partner Reece Hash, a former police inspector, when the son of Reece’s best friends also disappears over Christmas break…

Fraser focuses on the psychology of her characters and then builds suspense through mystery, action, and growing ambiguity, making her readers second guess themselves throughout the novel. She creates tortured relationships for her characters, especially those involving her main protagonists, which keeps a reader continually off balance. Character development, so necessary in this genre, unfolds nicely via the moral conflicts faced by Sam and Reece.

The novel constantly reminds readers that nothing is really as it seems, which makes Frozen Statues, Perdition Games a deeply compelling psychological thriller.

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