The Dragon King (The Alaris Chronicles Book 3) by Mike Shelton

The Dragon King (The Alaris Chronicles Book 3) The Dragon King by Mike Shelton is the exciting conclusion to The Alaris Chronicles series, a strong fantasy series with a heavy emphasis on dragons and sorcery. In this third installment, the evil Wizard Kanzar may have been vanquished, but Bakari, now the Dragon King, Battlemaster Alli, and High Wizard Roland must confront a new source of dark magic so that good can finally triumph over evil, if the evil doesn’t take them over first.

A fantasy series is only as good as its intro and climax, and in both cases Shelton excels with this series. The Dragon Orb set up the fantasy universe very well, and this third installment allows Shelton to spread his wings, now that the environment has been firmly established. This is much more action-packed than previous installments, and leads to an exciting and immensely satisfying conclusion.

The book ups the ante considerably from its predecessors in terms of action and danger. There are real stakes at play, rather than a good vs. evil plot where you know that the heroes are going to succeed at every turn. Along the way, there are a number of plot surprises that keep a reader glued to the pages, and waiting to get back to the book to see where it goes next. This is the most page-turning entry in the series and a worthy conclusion to this imaginative and well-drawn trilogy.

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