Two Women & Too Many Men by Nancy Orchard

Two Women & Too Many MenIn Two Women & Too Many Men by Nancy Orchard, best friends explore the confusion, joy, and sensuality of rejoining the dating scene after they leave their cheating exes. Alix and Suzi’s story builds out from their friendship, which provides the foundation of the story. The two friends are there for each other between each casual lover and failed relationship, and they’re there when things go right, too. The story is filled with a number of steamy scenes, encompassing several different kinks, as the women experiment with their new-found freedom. It’s a tale about women learning what they want and pursuing it amid the danger and dishonesty in the wonderful world of dating.

The novel is a quick read, and there is little pause between dialogue and action. Most reflection emerges as conversation, which has the delicious, wicked spark of good gossip between girl friends that keeps you turning the pages. When the friends meet up for coffee, girl night, or drinks, it’s easy to empathize.

There are very few errors, which makes the read very smooth. The only drawbacks are the title fonts, which are difficult to read, and the clip art throughout the story. However, these elements do cement the idea that you’re reading a middle-aged woman’s memoir, giving it a touch of authenticity. Overall, Two Women & Too Many Men is a fun work of post-divorce chick lit.

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