Angel Curs: Adam & Eve by Michael Thomas Griswold

Angel Curs: Adam & EveSpanning more than 100,000 years of imagined history, Angel Curs: Adam & Eve, the first book in the Angel Curs series, is an innovative novel that leaps from humanity’s beginnings to a looming third world war. Michael Thomas Griswold’s fantasy is based on the premise that Angels, actually descendants of Neanderthal Man, sparked all Earth’s development, fighting but eventually intermarrying with the Curs, or ordinary humans.

In 2030, only one Angel remains – Gabriel, now driven by his inherited destiny to collect three ancient books written by Angels, and to present their knowledge to the world and prevent the looming apocalypse. Muslim royals protect him as he waits to make his fated announcement. In the meantime, he’s fallen in love with a beautiful Muslim woman and fears the reunion with his former American girlfriend almost as much as his revelation of the sacred texts, which, it is foretold, will lead to his certain death.

Griswold’s tale is neatly told. Flashbacks cover a scenario melding historical figures (Nazi and Russian leaders, and a future US president named Chelsea) with mythological and Biblical characters, along with the brilliant but conflicted Gabriel. The book includes maps, which is helpful and necessary, but could additionally benefit from a timeline. With a nicely constructed “what’s next” ending, readers will want to dive into the second volume of this intriguing trilogy.

Angel Curs: Adam & Eve defines the word “epic,” but it is also a highly imaginative, which expands on religious-themed fiction into fascinating areas not yet explored in fiction.