Churchill’s Assassin (The Lochran Trilogy Book 1) by John Righten

Churchill's AssassinChurchill’s Assassin is a riveting political thriller by John Righten that asks, Why try to assassinate a dying man?

It’s New Year’s Eve, 1964. Lochran Ryan, a young man fresh off a ferry from Ireland, hands the customs official a telephone number and demands that he calls the number as it’s a matter of national security. The official reluctantly places the call, only to find that it’s answered by Winston Churchill’s personal secretary who quickly orchestrates Ryan’s audience with Churchill. However, when Ryan finally enters the gravely ill statesman’s room, a sniper tries to kill Churchill. Ryan intends to find out and will stop at nothing until he has all the answers…

Righten’s protagonist, Lochran Ryan, is a cross between James Bond and Robin Hood. He’s a “hit man for hire” who has no compunction about using deadly violence to achieve his goals, yet he’s also a character to root for. Due the strength of characterization and plotting, the story reels you in immediately. Although Ryan and Churchill make for strange bedfellows, the concept nevertheless works brilliantly.

Despite some grammatical errors, the narrative is solid with the tension rarely easing up. Churchill’s Assassin is a fine mixture of historical detail, thrilling action, and detailed characterization, making for a riveting spin on one of the world’s greatest statesman that will have readers eager to pick up the next book in the series.

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