Known Shippable, Will Not Fix by Roy W. Russell

Known Shippable, Will Not FixThe banal life of a Quality Tester takes a surreal turn in Known Shippable, Will Not Fix, a remarkably strange and entertaining novel by Roy W. Russell.

When everything you once thought of as reality is stripped away and shown to be nothing more than a bug-filled simulation, it can certainly make for a weird day. Casey, the intrepid QA tester at the core of this fast-paced tale, is as strange as the story itself, and more than neurotic enough to carry the story and keep readers interested. The stakes inevitably get higher, and Casey is forced to become the hero he never wanted to be.

This whip-smart novel is ideal for those with some knowledge or passion for computer programming and game development, but even non-tech brains can appreciate the clever writing and the mind-bending fun that accompanies a gradual breakdown of reality. As more layers of the bizarre mega-corporation controlling existence are revealed, the plot gets decidedly stranger, and readers begin to question the reliability of the narrator, as well as everything being described.

The writing can be a bit brief and choppy, but overall this updated version of the novel is polished and clean, with intricate bursts of humor, eye-rolling inside jokes, and enough bizarre action and mayhem to appeal to anyone looking for an innovative take on a sci-fi adventure.

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