Leadership for Profitable Sustainability by Pete Geissler

Leadership for Profitable SustainabilityLeadership for Profitable Sustainability: The Executive’s How-To Guide offers a “5-Book Bundle” of information about creating and maintaining successful corporate structures.

The overwhelming theme in this collection of business books concerns the ability to express one’s ideas persuasively and with an extensive vocabulary to enhance connections, decision-making and communication, with each section building on the last.

The Power of Being Articulate talks about the importance of clear, concise, and decisive communication. The Power of Dignity explores the rewards of treating associates, employees, stockholders and customers with the respect they deserve. The Power of Ethics deals with basic honesty; if employees trust their employers and customers trust the company, production will increase along with owner and client satisfaction. In The Power of Writing Well, the author speaks from his own experience of creating intelligent, fact-based prose. Hugging a Cloud suggests ways of measuring the intrinsic value and meaning of business.

Through all of these individual manuals, Geissler offers numerous real-life examples and copious practical models for understanding each concept. Quotations abound – wisdom from those who have been successful in many walks of life, as well as from philosophers and pundits through the ages. A basic premise provides a common thread in each separate work: intelligence, creativity, and honesty will lead to sustainability in business and success in life as a whole.

Taken together, Leadership for Profitable Sustainability is a comprehensive tome that uncovers every facet of business communication. In a crowded marketplace of leadership manuals, Geissler’s take on communication is both unique and authoritative.