Kilian: A Broken Prophecies Story by S.A. McClure

Kilian: A Broken Prophecies Story by S.A. McClure

The classic fantasy story of “unwitting hero discovers his much larger destiny” gets a new twist in Kilian: A Broken Prophecies Story by S.A. McClure.

Like so many heroes before him, Kilian Clearwater is a humble and unassuming hero that is forced into a world of magic, intrigue and danger that he never imagined before the opening pages of the novel. While McClure does fall back on some stereotypical elements of this genre niche, there is a simple grace to the writing, and a unique new world for readers to explore.

Unlike overly wordy and description-heavy fantasy novels, the author takes a Hemingway-esque approach to writing, which makes this a quick and to-the-point read. The pacing of the novel is solid and steady, while the action sequences are frequent enough to keep readers turning the pages for the next one. Key to any fantasy world, the mythology in this series clearly took a lot of time to develop, and it is a key element to the book’s quick momentum.

A thorough edit of the novel is highly recommended, however, as there are some glaring grammatical errors, and the dialogue could use some work to be more natural and believable. That being said, Kilian Clearwater is an endearing leading man, and the expansiveness of the world McClure has created makes this installment of the Broken Prophecies series an immersive and entertaining fantasy read.

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