Shed Your Chaos by Glenn C. Stewart

Shed Your Chaos by Glenn C. StewartIn Shed Your Chaos, author Glenn C. Stewart observes that many people are deficient in basic life skills, and believes that helping others as a Christian means imparting skills to reorganize – whether they are in a chaos of disorderliness or a pattern of high structure arrayed around the wrong priorities. This book aims to declutter people’s lives through a Christian perspective.

A bestselling author, church leader, motivational speaker, and human behavior consultant, Stewart begins with the basics: time and place. He implores people to set an inner compass towards God’s “true north,” and  synchronize activities around God’s guidance for an integrated, harmonious life, providing a model for setting priorities based around self, family, ministry, finances, work, and friends — illustrated as a wheel with Jesus as the hub.

Since Stewart started writing this book after a diagnosis of an inoperable brain tumor— “my time here will be short” — it can rightly be said that he is practicing precisely what he preaches in this self-help manual. Most certainly aimed at a Christian audience, Shed Your Chaos is unique in the field of self-help guides, stressing practical, everyday applications of religious principles, which can sometimes be concentrated on big questions, and not the small details of everyday life. As such, it should be highly useful for Christian readers, as Stewart provides a bevy of information that is at once practical and inspirational.

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