Sorcerers’ Dynasty by Stephen Perkins

Sorcerers' Dynasty

Sorcerers’ Dynasty by Stephen Perkins presents a wildly creative take on the world behind our own, and the reality that has been obscured from mankind for eons. With an intrepid fringe reporter named Dan Sheraton on the case, this eternal secret just might finally see the light of day.

The novel offers a remarkably complete and well thought-out world that lays beneath the one we know. The crossover between ancient sorcerers and a shadowy modern-day cabal is a unique and particularly intriguing twist on both sci-fi and fantasy, especially given the strangeness of recent history in the real world.

Sheraton is an excellent focal character, with the surly insistence of a good reporter, but also the heroic tendencies of a traditional fantasy protagonist. It is this well-made personality that carries the book through some of its more procedural moments. The development he undergoes throughout the book, as the gravity of the threat is gradually revealed, is an epic story in its own right, making this an impressively multi-layered novel.

The engine behind the book is Perkins’ writing, which is crisp and well-planned, with few wasted words, and a consistent pace that doesn’t lag. With enough mystery, conspiracy, and magic to satisfy fans of multiple genres, Sorcerers’ Dynasty is a highly entertaining novel that is both timely and original.

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