B.A.L.D.: Lillie’s First Day of School by Tijuana Collier & Khaila Ramey-Collier, Illustrated by Vanessa Alexandre

B.A.L.D.: Lillie’s First Day of SchoolB.A.L.D.: Lillie’s First Day of School by Tijuana Collier and Khaila Ramey-Collier, is a charming storybook with an all-important message about confidence and individuality.

Lillie is very excited about the most important day of her life – her first day of school. She can count to twenty-two, write and draw inside the lines, and can even tie her shoes on her own, making her more than ready for school. However, Lillie’s a little different from other young girls in that she’s bald. No worries, though. In Lillie’s world, being B.A.L.D. simply means that Beauty Always Looks Different…

Influenced by personal experience, the two Colliers have created the perfect role model in pint-sized Lillie. Sweet and full of energy, Lillie’s character epitomizes a child’s sense of optimism and adventure. Taught by her mother that everyone is beautiful in their own way, Lillie looks at her world with both childlike innocence and wisdom far beyond her years, setting a great example for children.

The wonderful illustrations by Vanessa Alexandre perfectly capture Lillie’s energy and curiosity. Whether intended as a bedtime story or as a book for an early reader, B.A.L.D.: Lillie’s First Day of School will keep young children engaged while driving home a very important life lesson about the acceptance of others.