Terror by Eamonn Hickson

Terror by Eamonn HicksonAuthor Eamonn Hickson brings the fascinating, dingy, and complex streets of Boston alive in his new novel Terror, a probing novel of survival in the modern world.

In the uncertainty of a post-9/11 America, issues of patriotism and racism mesh every day with issues of unemployment, poverty, and rising crime rates. In the harsh streets of Boston, the eternal struggle between money, power, and influence are displayed in a microcosmic story that is beautifully told. Seemingly disparate characters come together and begin to overlap – from would-be bank robbers to dishonored heroes – which packs this urban tale with intention and meaning.

Surviving in the modern world is never easy, but for Ally, Nestor, Milton, and the rest of the fascinating cast of characters, survival is often a daily struggle. They find ways to be heard and seek meaning in their own lives, as well as hope for justice in a world that threatens to crumble into chaos around them, pushing them to the absolute breaking point, and pushing the reader into examining their own sense of morality and justice.

With vivid descriptions and intensely emotional characterization, Terror is a masterful portrait of the hard decisions and harder lives that must be lived during a dark time in American history – the present.